Next-Generation Blockchain-based eSports Ecosystem

Decentralized Platform of Player Passport, eSports Database, Social Network

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Private Sales – 2018.03.05(12:00 UTC +8) ~ 2018.03.31(12:00 UTC +8)
Early Bird/Late Bird – 2018.04.01(12:00 UTC +8) ~ 2018.04.15(12:00 UTC +8)

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What is Blockchain-based eSports Ecosystem?


MTGamer builds a decentralized platform with Blockchain technology and creates a multibillion ecosystem, We will:

  • Create decentralized Player Passport by blockchain technology.
  • Establish a transparent and reliable Social Network where executes rules of interaction and transaction by Smart Contract.
  • Form a secured eSports Database to store the data of players, tournaments, and transactions.
  • Organize licensed eSports tournaments to generate and collect the data of eSports.
  • Develop MTChain, a system with efficient performance by adopting an effective development framework at application layer, to conduct transaction with high speed, low cost, and strong security.
  • Raise the users and rich the system by compensating token to all parties contributed the decentralized platform

Our Advantage


Decentralized Player Passport and User Management System

MTGamer User Management Platform, similar to cryptocurrency exchange platform, consists of semi-centralized user management system MTUMS and decentralized storage named MT Chain.

Core User Management System will record the activities, comments, and change of points among different users in real time approach. The transmission of MTC will apply encrypted digital signature to verify if the transactions are irreversible. It also prevents MTC from being repeatedly used to maintain its steady supply and stable value.

To lower the transaction cost, all transactions are packed and executed altogether on the main chain in chronological order. This structure balances the security and efficiency on main chain traffic so that allows users to make transaction continuously.


Decentralized eSports Database

MTGamer will apply MTChain and IPFS as two-tier architecture to record the data of tournament.

The data of all users and tournaments will be stored in MTChain which secures the data against distortion. All related videos, game records are stored by different nodes in assigned IPFS by MTChain.

IPFS’s distributed file structure ensures the media records to be stored permanently and accessible anytime anywhere. Further, MTGamer will provide RESTful API for partners and MTC holders to access the tournament records for reference and training purposes.


Decentralized Social Network and Application of Smart Contract

Crowdfunding for Tournament Sponsorship – Players can raise the crowdfunding campaign for tournaments, and create rules to reward users by gift or prize.

Battle by Smart Contract – Players can create rules and challenge others for a specific reward. The system will execute the rules and allocate the prize according to the result of the battle.

eSport Betting – Users can place a bet on the tournament at our partners with legal betting licenses. The platform will reward the users according to the result of the game and the bet.

Ad Revenue Sharing – MTGamer will share advertising revenue with qualified content contributors by rewarding corresponding value of MTC . The content contributors could be any users on the platform.

Overall Technical Architecture

Three layers included in the overall technical architecture of MTC are Client, MTChain Core, and Blockchain


Reward – eSports Mining

MTGamer encourages eSports players to actively participate in and contribute to the Social Network, so we have founded eSports Social Incentive Fund, which offers users ERC20 Token as reward. To effectively and fairly motivate the users, MTGamer has invented two algorithms, POI (Proof of Influence) and POP (Proof of Participation), for measuring the contribution from as well as giving the corresponding rewards to organizers and participants.

Algorithm of POI


Token Roadmap


Token Distribution and Detail

To finance the MTGAMER roadmap, we will offer 300 million units for sales, out of 1 billion units total supply of MTC.

1st Round Maximum Financing (Private Sales) : USD 25,000,000
Exchange Rate For Token Distribution Event : 1 MTCASH = USD 0.13



  • Mr. William Wong
    Mr. William Wong Chairman

    William Wong, Master of Finance at London Business School, has worked at CHINA RESOURCES POWER HOLDINGS (0836.HK)、ALLCO FINANCE (ASIA) LIMITED – CITIC ALLCO China Private Debt Fund, and SWISS INTERNATIONAL ASSET MANAGEMENT specializing in investment activities. In 2008 – 2012, William worked in HSBC PRIVATE EQUITY – Infrastructure & Real Asset Private Equity Funds as investment director of Greater China, responsible for fund-raising and operating a total scale of 1.5 billion US dollars of private equity funds.

  • Mr. Douglas Wai
    Mr. Douglas Wai C.O.O

    Douglas Wai is responsible for business operation of eSports and game media, including production, operation, marketing and sales. Prior to joining MTGamer, Mr. Wai was a Vice President of Taiwan and Hong Kong regions at Limited (NASDAQ: CYOU), in charge of the regional business and operations. He has over 15-year experiences in IT industry such as system development, network engineering, e-commerce, digital marketing, and product operation. Mr. Wai received a Bachelor of Science degree in major of Business Management Global Marketing emphasis, and minor in Information Technology from Brigham Young University.

  • Mr. Rick  Woo
    Mr. Rick Woo Marketing Consultant

    Entrepreneur style, MBA holder and running startup business since 2010
- Four Directions Ltd (a mobile solution integrator specialising in mobile apps design & development, digital marketing)
- LOST Hong Kong (a physical indoor escape game experiencing your ‘cognition ‘, ‘communication’, ‘observation’, ‘cooperation’)

  • Mr. Carter Lam
    Mr. Carter Lam Technology Consultant

    Master of engineering enterprise management at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Carter worked in several internationally companies, and partnered to establish Four Directions Limited with a system integration as its main business. Later, has repeatedly been invited to become the Speakers in Office of the Hong Kong Government Chief Information Officer, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Vocational Training Council and various non-governmental organizations. Speakers of government organizations, sharing the latest mobile application development experience and technology development prospects.

  • Ms. Nina
    Ms. Nina Communication Manager

    Rank-S female player of Arena of Valor
    Over 65,000 fans on personal Facebook
    Approx. 34,000 followers on personal Instagram

  • Thronehs
    Thronehs Chief Broadcaster

    International Well-known eSports Player – Thronehs
    Having started his first live broadcast on MTGamer since 2016
    Holding two master degrees
    -2016《Hearthstone》APAC Spring Championship – 1st Winner
    -2016《Hearthstone》APAC Summer Championship – Top 24
    -2016《Hearthstone》APAC Winter Championship – Top 24
    -2016 SanDisk Tournament – Top 4
    -2016 Singapore Tournament – Top 64
    -2016 Thailand Tournament – Top 16
    -2017 SanDisk Tournament – Top 4

  • Mr. Kengi Szeto
    Mr. Kengi Szeto Production Manager

    Over decade experience in gaming industry
    Skilled at videos and article editing
    Expert in content production
    Monitor tournament and live content

Investor and Advisory Board

  • Mr. David Chic
    Mr. David Chic

    Currently working as CFO of Emerald America Investment Corporation (EAIC), which solely own a VIE in China, which has the agreement with Alisports, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alibaba, to be their exclusive, independent de facto Electronic Game Provider/ Developer/ Publisher for the segment “Chess and Card”. EAIC is also has the authorization to offer bonus point awards to social gamers. These awards will take the form of credits to their UnionPay cards, thereby enabling gamers to use their credits to purchase goods and services world-wide.

  • Mr. Akihito Hotehama
    Mr. Akihito Hotehama

    CEO of Doublel,Inc. , In 2002, he formed the “University of Tokyo Startups Club TNK” and produced many entrepreneurs starting up their companies including Gunosy Inc. listed on Mothers. After that, he founded mobile games companies, aiming to promote academic-industrial alliance and in 2014, he established Doublel,Inc.

  • Mr. Satoyoshi Hiroki
    Mr. Satoyoshi Hiroki

    Mr. Satoyoshi Hiroki , famous game producer in Japan, he has worked at Konami as Software Developer, Sony Pictures Entertainment as Game Designer and EA as Game Director.

  • Mr. Kobayashi Mamoru
    Mr. Kobayashi Mamoru

    Mr. Kobayashi Mamoru has worked at media industry and Government departments, he has a wide network in Japan.

  • Mr. Suzuki Masanori
    Mr. Suzuki Masanori

    Mr. Suzuki Masanori, famous investor among Japan and Hong Kong, specializing in investment activities.

  • Mr. Ito Takayuki
    Mr. Ito Takayuki

    Mr. Ito Takayuki has over 15-year experiences in media industry such as advertising, marketing, event operation and TV program production, etc.

  • Mr. Jae Hack Joo
    Mr. Jae Hack Joo

    B.S. in Computer Science, Feb. 2005
    Korea University (Seoul)
    M.S. in Computer Networks, Aug. 2008
    Korea University (Seoul)

    Engineer, LG Uplus (Telecom)
    PM, Purplemaru (Mobile game company)
    CEO, Friday10pm (Mobile game company)
    CEO, Drakemount (Mobile game company)

    External Advisor:
    4:33 Battleground e-sports team
    Oskar Ent. Battleground e-sports team

  • Mr. Gunwoo Kim
    Mr. Gunwoo Kim

    Advisory Activities
    ▪ Committee Member of Advisory Board, Big Data Platform Construction of
    NCIS(National Computing and Information Service; 국가통합전산센터)
    ▪ Advisory Professor, Big Data Platform Construction of Korea Electric Power
    Corporation(KEPCO) in IBM Project
    ▪ Advisory commissioner, Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA), Korea

  • Ms. Shibuya Yuri    &    Ms. Miyamoto Saki
    Ms. Shibuya Yuri & Ms. Miyamoto Saki

    Ms Shibuya Yuri and Ms Miyamoto Saki, both well-known models and artists in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, represent MTGamer as goodwill ambassador in Japan.


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